Weekly classes in Crowborough and tuition in Crowborough, East Sussex, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Yoga is not just a great way to improve your flexibility, it’s a way to:

develop strength

improve your fitness

tone up and lose weight

Yoga is for everyone, young and old. As well as improving your physical health it can help you to find calmness and acceptance.
Yoga won’t cure all your ills, but it can make you stronger, more resilient and better able to cope with life.

If you’re a sportsman or woman, yoga will enhance your ability to run, cycle, play golf...
There are very few sports that aren’t improved by being stronger and more flexible.

Whether you choose to contact me, or you find another teacher, please give yoga a go.
I think you’re going to enjoy it. (And no-one is going to ask you to touch your toes!)


T: 07989 746556  E: francesca@enjoyyoga.org

strengthening, stretching, calming, inspiring – enjoy yoga!